5 Health Benefits Of High-Intensity Tabata Training

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If you’re looking for a challenge, try Tabata. It’s a high-intensity-interval training invented by Dr. Izumi Tabata. This protocol includes four minutes of 20-second high-intensity exercises in between 10 seconds of rest.1

Exercises can include anything from sprints to burpees. It can even include simple moves like squats. Regardless of the move, it should be done with maximum force.

Tabata is a lot like a boot camp. It pushes your body to the max! Aside from sprucing up your usual routine, here are five benefits of Tabata.

1. Burns Calories

Tabata workout burns more calories

One of the best benefits of Tabata is also the most obvious. Because of its high intensity, your body will use up a lot of energy, which “burns off” calories. You can be sure that you’ll break a sweat.

As you burn more calories, you’ll be closer to losing weight. Of course, it’s still necessary to eat healthily and decrease your caloric intake.2

2. Builds Muscle

helps burning more calories

Tabata also works out your anaerobic system. With every move, your muscles are pushed to their limits. This means they’ll get an amazing workout! Over time, they’ll get bigger and stronger.

This training also doubles as resistance training. If you use dumbbells or resistance bands, you’ll amplify the benefits even more.3

Aside from toning your body, you’ll help your weight loss efforts. Muscles, after all, burn more calories than fat. They’ll continue to burn energy throughout the day even if you’re at rest.4

3. Suppresses Appetite

Tabata workouts Suppresses Appetite

High-intensity-interval training is also linked to a suppressed appetite. Researchers think that this has to do with appetite-related hormones. Specifically, the strong bursts of activity are linked to a reduction in those hormones.

Even sedentary overweight men can take advantage of these benefits.5 So, regardless of your current health, Tabata training will have benefits for you.

4. Increases Lung Capacity

increases lung capacity

All physical activity is great for your lungs. It can increase your lung capacity, making it easier to exercise and do normal everyday activities. A Tabata workout will enhance these benefits.

It’s all thanks to the high intensity. The harder your muscles work, the more your body uses more oxygen and produces carbon dioxide. In turn, your breathing needs to keep up. This is how your breathing reserve becomes bigger and better.6

5. Saves Time

saves time

Remember, Tabata training can be done within four minutes. That’s all it takes! Because it’s so short, Tabata is a time saver.

If you have a busy lifestyle, this is a major benefit. You can easily fit it into your daily routine. For example, a quick Tabata exercise can be done before work or at lunch. It can also be done while you’re waiting for the kids at school. Before you know it, your high-intensity workout will be over.

To properly do Tabata, you’ll need a stopwatch and an open space. It’s best done with a partner who can handle the stopwatch. If high-intensity exercises are intimidating, start with moderate-intensity moves. You can also adjust the intervals of your rest.

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