6 Impressive Health Benefits Of Brahmi Leaves

Ayurveda has used Brahmi for centuries. Brahmi has been used to develop and improve memory and is commonly known as the "memory enhancer" herb. It reduces stress and anxiety and treats mental illnesses like Alzheimer's disease and digestive issues like diarrhea. Brahmi oil prevents hair fall, promotes good sleep, and reduces joint pain. The effect of Brahmi is enhanced when combined with other herbs like ashwagandha.

7 Benefits Of Applying Oils To The Belly Button

To moisturize your stomach, use coconut or avocado oil in and around your belly button. You can also use a cotton swab and oil to remove dirt and dead skin. If it gets infected, diluted tea tree oil is a great remedy. Other essential oils, like ginger and peppermint, can treat stomach aches and menstrual pain. Fertility will improve if you apply ylang ylang and sandalwood. To balance your navel chakra, apply rapeseed oil to your belly button.

The Third Week Of Pregnancy: What Happens And Do's And Don'ts

At pregnancy week 3 (i.e. about 1 week after conception), implantation occurs. Ayurveda strongly recommends to adopt a healthy diet including milk and its products, honey, ghee, rice and at the same time avoiding pungent, hot, heavy foods to ward off nausea. Keeping an erratic sleep schedule, and psychological dispositions like anger, grief, fear are also best avoided.

5 Natural Alternative Treatments For Autism

If you have a child with autism you must be constantly searching for interventions that can help the child cope better with the world. In addition to special educational programs designed for autism, you might want to check out alternative approaches like ayurveda, yoga, music therapy. Use of vitamin, mineral supplementation have been found to help as well.

How To Take A Shower The Right Way

Your daily shower is an important aspect of maintaining personal hygiene and good health. Tips and tricks like showering in lukewarm water, avoiding long and frequent showers, using mild soaps, and applying hydrating oils or lotions immediately post-shower should be taken care of. Ayurveda suggests, to avoid bathing soon after a meal, as it weakens digestion.

A Beginner's Guide To The Seven Chakras

Chakras are the energy centers in our body located along the spinal cord through which energy flows. Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit. So, a chakra is similar to a whirling, vortex-like, powerhouse of energy. There are seven major chakras in our body and many more minor ones. The seven chakras[.....]

How To Treat Huntington's Disease With Ayurveda

According to ayurveda, the first line of treatment involves basti or enema using herbal oils or decoctions to help counter vata imbalance and improve motor symptoms. Next, purgation therapy is used to treat the pitta imbalance which causes mental symptoms like anxiety, mania. The last step involves shirodhara, nasya followed by oil massages to help correct the gait.

Health Benefits Of Ghee Or Clarified Butter

Ghee or clarified butter is a rich source of ready energy enriched with vitamins. It can give you an antioxidant boost, keep you guts healthy, help your heart by lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and may even help you lose weight. The ancient science of ayurveda considers it an ideal fat that protects you from diseases, promotes longevity, lubricates tissues and keeps your body flexible, improves digestion and can treat inflammatory swellings and blisters when applied to skin.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Migraine

Eat at regular intervals, while at the same time, avoid fasting or skipping your meals. Slash green chili, strong tea or coffee from your diet. Avoid hurting the sense organs with excess strong perfumes, bright lights, loud noises, or boiling or freezing bath water. Wear sunglasses to avoid direct sun exposure. Be sure to get at least 7 hrs of sound sleep. Quit smoking!

Ayurvedic Tips For Pregnancy

In the 1st trimester, stick to light, semi-solid foods (porridge with rice, pulses) and more of fluids (milk with honey, ghee) followed by an increased intake of cereals, protein-rich foods during 2nd trimester and a diet high in fat, protein (meat soups) during 3rd trimester. Try herbs like ashwagandha, gokshura with milk+ghee; oil massage to promote a smooth pregnancy.

10 Natural Foods That Purify Blood

A detox of your body wouldn’t be complete without purifying your blood. To ensure blood health, you'll also need to cleanse your kidneys and liver. Natural blood purifiers like cabbage, lemon, and garlic can do exactly this for you. Pectin-rich fruits such as apples, pears, and guavas, fiber-rich foods like oats, and good old water also flush toxins from your blood and body. Together these can be your A-list of natural blood purifiers!

Ayurvedic Tips For Healthy, Glowing Skin

Did you know that Ayurveda has skin care remedies to match any commercially available cosmetics from the 21st century? These natural treatments are gentle on the skin and nourish the body, helping skin heal and replenish itself, keeping it looking supple and youthful, and slowing aging. So why not rustle up a homemade exfoliating powder or a nourishing fruit cream or face pack instead of using something out of a jar?

Ayurvedic Health Tips: 7 Principles That Will Enhance Your Health

The Ayurveda approved lifestyle or dinacharya isn’t as complicated as you think. A simple set of rules, from rising pre-dawn to winding down with a routine, can change how strong you feel inside and out. Support the mind and body with exercise, meditation, and a healthy diet or aahara and you’ll be on your way to a new and improved you.

What Is Snehana Ayurvedic Therapy?

The harsh, toxic environment that we live in today has inevitably thrown our bodies off balance, so much so that a healthy diet and exercise regimen alone might not be enough to set our bodies straight. Ironically, a technique from the ancient Indian medical science Ayurveda may just be the answer to this modern-day plight. Try snehana (oleation) therapy – it might be able to bring back balance to your body and calm your mind with a relaxing massage or pichu treatment.

8 Ayurvedic Remedies For Thyroid Treatment

Instill medicated oil into the nasal passage or pour it on the thyroid region or head to stimulate the thyroid. Massage your head with castor oil for gout. Also, massage points on the feet linked to the throat chakra. Eat neem, corn to cure hypothyroidism and milk, walnuts, ghee, bananas for hyperthyroidism. Apply a paste of water lettuce to treat goiter-related swelling.